Doing a review on makeup later today!!!!! Not sure which one yet but I’m definitely doing one! Probably one off MUA as they are all so cheap so I wanted to see if they are any good 🙂 Bye guys hope you have a good weekend! 😝



So it’s back to school for tomorrow! -_- The holidays went so quick, and now I don’t wanna go back!!! I go to a boarding school so I have to pack so much stuff! I always find going back to school weird, as I always think I’ve changed so much and people will hate me :L though they probably won’t…! Comment on if you like going back to school or not! 🙂

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to better, it’s not.” – Dr Suess

I found this qoute today from Dr Suess and it made me think what I will become or what i’ll do in my life…

S U M M E R ðŸ˜Š

It’s sooo sad to think that summer is nearly over here in the UK, especially when I hate my school…though it does have it’s perks I guess. Sometimes I wish it could be a holiday forever!!! Feel free to comment how your summer went and if you want to go back to school or not!!!! 😁